Community Development

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Remodel Incentive


The Office of Community Development at the City of Denison administers a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Learn more about this program.

Transportation Planning Process

The department is also in charge of the transportation planning process for the city. Computerized traffic counters are used in areas of concern by the City Council or citizens in town. The counters give traffic counts, classification of the vehicles, speed of the vehicles, traffic intervals, surface conditions of the streets (wet or dry, surface temperature, etc.), and other data of traffic patterns in the study area. This survey is used with a street inventory of each block in the city.

Every block of the street system is inventoried each year to determine the state of deterioration. This survey, along with the volume of traffic, is used to determine what blocks are to be included in the annual asphalt overlay program.

City Council Meetings

Each department head is required to attend the City Council work sessions on Wednesdays and the City Council meetings on Mondays to respond to any questions by the City Council or citizens.

Each department head is responsible for the presentation of any item on the agenda that concerns their department.