Deferred Disposition

The judge may, in the judge’s sole discretion, defer disposition on a case. By State law, the holder of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is not eligible for deferred disposition on moving traffic violations. Please contact the court to determine if you and/or your charge may meet the requirements to have the conviction on your case deferred pending satisfaction of special stipulations, court costs and special expense fees.

Children 10-16 Years Old
The judge may also, at his/her sole discretion, defer disposition on juvenile cases if it is their first offence. When the court grants deferred, all costs and fees must be paid. The court may also impose special terms or different types of stipulations required by law. If you complete the required terms and pay all court costs and special expense fees , the case is dismissed at the end of the designated deferral period. If these are not satisfied, the case will be assigned to a Show Cause docket and notice will be mailed.

Contact Information
If you have non-legal advice questions, please contact the Municipal Court by calling (903) 464-4448 or email.