Special Collections

Special Pick-up Service

Bulk garbage left at the curbside, including lumber and furniture, will be picked up at a rate of $30 per cubic yard. Special requested service beyond normal brush and limb service is available at $5.40 per cubic yard. Please call the Public Works Department at (903) 465-2720 x 2451 to schedule a special pick-up.

Annual Cleanup Project

The City of Denison offers an annual residential cleanup program to help residents dispose of unwanted items from their homes. The clean up takes place during the 4 full weeks of April each year and follows the regular curbside brush and limb pickup routes.

The city will advertise the program dates on the website and in the Herald Democrat the latter part of March each year. Questions about the program can be directed to the Public Works Department at (903) 465-2720 x 2451.


All items must be placed at the front street line by 6:30 am of the day scheduled for that street. no materials should be set out earlier than the weekend proceeding the scheduled day. Materials set out too early may be subject to regular curbside charges.

Items should not be placed underneath utility wires and low-lying limbs or on top of gas or water meters, manholes or water valve boxes. All cars parked by trash and junk piles should be moved so workers can reach all waste with large trucks. Appliances and furniture should be placed separate from other trash. Additionally, the city will pick up tires and batteries, but they must also be kept in separate piles. The city will not pick up roofing materials or sheetrock during the clean up.

Unaccepted Waste and Missed Pick Up

The cleanup project is for Denison residential sanitation customers only. The city will not pickup any commercial or contractor-generated building, construction or remodeling materials or debris. Other materials not picked up are paint, chemicals, or computer monitors.

Residents whose trash is not picked up on the scheduled date should call the Public Works Department at
(903) 465-2720 x 2451 no later than noon the day following the scheduled pickup. If a failure to pickup is not reported, all material may be subject to the standard rate of $30 per cubic yard.