File a Request for Service

Requests for service

For emergency assistance dial 9-1-1

In an effort to better serve the citizens of the City of Denison, the Denison Police Department will take certain types of non-emergency requests for service via online submission forms.

Requests Definitions and Online Submission Forms:

  • Alarm Registration: You are required to register for an alarm permit, whether residential or business.  There is no charge to register your alarm, but there can be charges for unregistered alarms or too many false alarms - registered or not.  Use this form to register your alarm.
  • Silver Alert Information Submittal Form: Silver Alert is a program which we hope the Denison Community will take advantage of. Silver Alert provides Emergency Responders with initial information regarding mental states and habits of Alzheimer's and Dementia patients. If you would like to give our first responders your loved one's information so that we are prepared in the event of an emergency please fill out our secure online form and submit for use by the Denison Police and Fire departments. 

For further information regarding Denison Police Department requests for non-emergency service, please contact us at: (903) 465-2422.