Solar Viewing Event 08.21.2017
We will be hosting an Eclipse Party on Monday, August 21st. The journey begins at 10 am with a live streaming of the eclipse at 11 am. Join us as we participate in the live webcast of the total solar eclipse from Southern Illinois University from Carbondale, Illinois. The webcast will begin airing at 11:00 am. Prior to the totality in Carbondale at 11:52:26 AM CDT, we will introduce you to the science of eclipse and a variety of NASA experts including mission scientists, engineers and educators.
Through the entire webcast we will switch to live views of the total eclipse as it occurs. So don't worry that our area will be unable to view the eclipse in person. Sit back, relax and let NASA EDGE turn our library into the best seat in the house!
Kate Saling with the Eisenhower State Park will be here with her telescope and special filter to provide a special viewing opportunity.
We will have other activities as well for all ages!
Schedule of Events:
10:45 AM = NASA webcast begins (lasts for 4.5 hours until 3:15 PM)
11:00 AM = Decorate Your FREE Pair of Solar Glasses 
11:30 AM = Make a Pocket Sun Clock 
12:00 PM = Become a Citizen Scientist! Download the GLOBE Observer app and help NASA. 
12:30 PM = Telescope Viewing, Testing Out the Sun Clock, and Using the Globe Observer App 
1:09 PM = Peak of the Eclipse (Denison)
1:20 PM = Total Eclipse (Webcast)
1:30 PM = Wrap-up