Adults SRP


Welcome to Summer Reading 2017 for Adults!

By participating in the 2017 Summer Learning program, adults can earn credit for attending awesome programs at Denison Public Library throughout the summer, and, of course, reading!

What’s new in 2017?

Denison Public Library’s signature program has been redesigned as a Summer Learning Program. This program promotes reading and encourages creative exploration, active skill-building, and critical thinking—all necessary to “Build a Better World,” which is our 2017 program theme.

From June 9 through July 24, adults have three ways to earn entries toward prizes through a new, easy-to-use online tracking system.

Who can participate?

Adults ages 18 and older.

How do adults earn a Free Book or Library Bucks and Entry for the Grand Prize Drawing?

Adults can earn entries for the prize drawings by doing any combination of the following:

  1. Reading! Adults earn an entry for completing the required 5 Books of reading.
  2. Volunteer at the library, participants will earn an extra entry for each day of volunteer service. 
  3. Attending programs at DPL throughout the summer. Adults will receive an additional entry when they log attendance for 3 library programs into their online account. All entries are credited when activity is logged into the participant’s online account.

Do I still need to read or can I just do activities and programs?

Yes, you need to read in order to complete the program.  You must read 5 books and attend 3 library programs to complete the program and be entered for the drawing.

When can I start logging activities and books?

Everyone will be able to enroll starting June 1st and begin logging on June 9th.

Are there prizes?

Adults that complete the program earn a free book or have the option of ten Library Bucks. Complete the program to receive an entry into the grand prize drawings!

Library Bucks can be used to pay off Library fines, get a replacement card, 3D printing or for prizes such as earbuds, wristbands, lanyards, and more!

Based on completion of program and providing a valid email address when they register, adults will also be eligible to win grand prizes including iPad mini 4G/WiFi, Virtual Reality headset with headphones, and $25 Amazon gift card.

Grand Prize Drawing for the following prizes upon completion of Summer Reading Program.  Prizes will be awarded at the Ending Celebration on July 25th.
HelloPro VR Heaset Action Button Version, Built-in Stero Headphones and Touch Screen Button for iPho