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1. What services are on the utility bill and how are they calculated?
2. Where is the Water Utilities Service Department located?
3. Where can I mail my payment?
4. What are your operating hours / days?
5. Do you accept credit cards?
6. Do you offer payment by bank draft?
7. How do I get service turned on and put in my name?
8. What is refuse?
9. Why do I have to be at home when my water is turned on?
10. How and when is my sewer figured on my bill?
11. Where is City Hall located?
12. Where can I get a building permit?
13. Why are there special refuse (sr) charges on my bill?
14. Where can I get birth and death certificates?
15. How do I go about getting a dumpster?
16. Where can I pay my other utility bills?
17. If you don’t service my water, who does?