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1. How do I file a claim against the City of Denison?
2. May I be reimbursed directly for a claim?
3. Do I need a permit to solicit door-to-door?
4. Who do I contact about my Municipal Court Citation?
5. Is it appropriate for me to contact the city attorney if i have a case pending in Municipal Court?
6. Who do I contact in order to buy City real property?
7. Who do I contact to serve on a board or commission?
8. Who do I contact about planning and zoning issues?
9. What do I do about a barking dog?
10. Is the City Attorney’s Office able to resolve customer dissatisfaction or consumer protection complaints?
11. Does the City require a permit to picket, protest, street preaching, or any other form of speech?
12. My cable bill has increased and I did not authorize any additional services or charges. Who can I call to complain?