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1. Where is the Building Department located and what are the hours of business?
2. When is a building permit required?
3. What building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical codes has the City of Denison adopted?
4. If I am a homeowner, may I do my own work?
5. What is needed if Atmos gas company requires a city inspection to get your gas turned on?
6. What is needed if the electrical company requires a city inspection to turn electrical service on?
7. Is a permit required for a roof?
8. What is considered the historical district?
9. Are there special requirements for the Highway 75 area?
10. What is required to obtain a permit?
11. How many sets of plans are required for an application of a permit?
12. What is the cost of a permit?
13. What forms of payment are accepted?
14. How long is a permit good for?
15. Where do I post my permit?
16. How do I get my project inspected?
17. How long does the permit review process take on residential projects?
18. How long does the permit review process take on commercial projects?
19. Is a permit needed for signs?
20. Are licenses or certificates required to operate a restaurant?
21. What are the requirements on new windows?
22. Why is a certificate of occupancy needed?
23. Is a permit required to occupy or use a building?
24. Can a portion of a building or structure be occupied prior to the completion of the entire building or structure?
25. What should be done with a certificate of occupancy once it is received?