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1. What building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical codes has the City of Denison adopted?
2. If I am a homeowner, may I do my own work?
3. What is needed if Atmos gas company requires a city inspection to get your gas turned on?
4. What is needed if the electrical company requires a city inspection to turn electrical service on?
5. Is a permit required for a roof?
6. Where is the Building Department located and what are the hours of business?
7. What is considered the historical district?
8. Are there special requirements for the Highway 75 area?
9. What is required to obtain a permit?
10. How many sets of plans are required for an application of a permit?
11. What is the cost of a permit?
12. What forms of payment are accepted?
13. How long is a permit good for?
14. Where do I post my permit?
15. How do I get my project inspected?
16. How long does the permit review process take on residential projects?
17. How long does the permit review process take on commercial projects?
18. Is a permit needed for signs?
19. Are licenses or certificates required to operate a restaurant?
20. What are the requirements on new windows?
21. Why is a certificate of occupancy needed?
22. Is a permit required to occupy or use a building?
23. Can a portion of a building or structure be occupied prior to the completion of the entire building or structure?
24. What should be done with a certificate of occupancy once it is received?
25. Is a Permit required for a fence?
26. Is a Permit required for an Storage shed/building