Fire Department


The Denison Fire Department is committed to the preservation of the lives and property of the citizens of Denison, Texas. This commitment is accomplished through:
In 2015 the Denison Fire Department responded to 15 Working Structure Fires and 4,813 medical calls.


We are proud to have a 2 new rookie members join the Fire Department. Please extend your warmest welcome to Jed Carson and Jeff Ratcliff as they begin their service to our community. 

1st year of service

Congratulations to Brenden Smithson, Che Renteria, EJ Grant, Andrew Geisler on their first year of service and completing the probationary period. They have earned a black helmet. 
  1. Gregg Loyd

    Fire Chief
    Phone: (903) 465-2720 x2201

  2. Mark Escamilla

    Assistant Fire Chief
    Phone: (903) 465- 2720 x2205

  3. John Weda

    Fire Marshal / Assistant Fire chief
    Phone: (903) 465- 2720 x2207

  4. Morgan Metcalf

    Emergency Management Coordinator
    Phone: (903) 465- 2720 x2212